Eco Safe Pest Control Services and Pest Control Research


Eco Safe Pest Control Services and Pest Control Research is the most effective eco friendly formulated pest control services provider company in Bangladesh. Famous Social worker and Women Rights worker Mrs. Ruby Iqbal is the founder of Eco Safe. She found Eco Safe at October 2016 by inspire her husband Mr. Iqbal who is the Owner of Top Bangladeshi Pest Control Services Provider Company Zero Pest.

Eco Safe Vision:

Having a lot of pest control operations we realize there are so many scope to develop of services qualities in the pest control services fiend of Bangladesh. Basically household pest control need some development. At first we have create a project to develop household pest control methods and starting deep research by the powering of Zero Pest. Ultimately we have found some proud-full success in there.

Our Mission:

It is very clear that, We want to provide very decent and attractive smell less and low poisoned pest control service with maximum effectiveness. We need your support and attachment by the being our clients 🙂

Head Office of ZERO PEST:

Prinoprangon, 9th Floor

Plot # 19, Road # 17,

Block # E, Kamal Atartuk Road,

Banani, Dhaka-1213

Mobile: 01677414427

Services of ECO SAFE:

  • Smell Less Cockroach Control
  • Bite Gel Cockroach Control
  • Non Poisoned Rodent Control
  • Bite Station Termite Control
  • Non Poisoned Bed Bug Control
  • Phenol Based Snake Control
  • Fenomen Flies Control
  • Plantation Mosquitoes Control

Contact Person: 


Mrs. Ruby Iqbal



Executive Director:

Marphy Mohsin Maugham

Cell No. 01872525857

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