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Startups are hot right now! Fresh from graduation, youngsters dream of opening the next hip restaurant or digital marketing agency. But success often comes from looking where the crowd isn’t. Which is what motivated Sayem Faruk and Muhammed Asif Khan, two graduates from IBA (University of Dhaka), to make a splash in the catering industry instead.

Head Office :

786 Ibrahimpur, Cantonment
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mobile: 01755-664455




Cafeteria Management

Our end-to-end cafeteria solutions will let your organization focus on what really matters.

Corporate Events

Meetings, Seminars, Trainings, Iftars, AGMs – whatever the need, we have the solution.

Corporate Lunchboxes

From healthy salads to exotic desserts, we deliver office lunches that you’ll actually look forward to.


The highlight of any wedding? The Food! Our meals will leave your guests delighted and you proud.

Private Parties

Next time, break the norm and WOW your guests by serving our exotic multi-cuisine dishes.

360° Events Solution

Together with our partners, we deliver not just food but an experience worth remembering.

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